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Hi, we are the ESCAPÉS. Welcome!
"from ESCAPÉS is our story. We are the ESCAPÉS. We find peace and joy in a universe of art, and break free from a stressful world. I hope this space is somewhere you can escape to, a creative haven between all of us."

"For sure, ye have to be lost to find a place that can't be found, elseways everyone would know where it was." -Captain Barbosa <Pirates of the Caribbean >

Hi, I am Rachel :) I am an aspiring stylist, fashion designer, illustrator, and graphic designer. I have experience in almost every field you can think of in the fashion industry: marketing, sales, branding, styling, designing, editorial/magazine, etc. I am currently a student in New York University, and a proud Gallatino! I started the blog January 2013 because I felt that it would be the best way to document and share my passion and love. I have so many different interest and I know that it takes time to find something that I am insanely and genuinely passionate about. All I need is time to find my way and this is my method of finding my way through this world. My model is Alexander McQueen, a fashion designer who has created the most inspiring and beautiful masterpieces. What is so special about his designs are the bold and unfathomable themes, that helped him to create pieces that are the most creative and stirring. My muse is CL from 2NE1 (A Kpop Girl Group), and it is her unafraid attitude that made her so beautiful. Her style is individualistic and unique, that is undeniably hers. She has all of the qualities I strive for as a designer and a person.

My Art, Design, Styling Portfolio: http://bit.ly/ONdr2X
If you have any comment regarding my personal work or need my designing/styling service, please CONTACT ME. 
"Give me time and I will give you a revolution" - Alexander McQueen

"To travel is better than to arrive."
-Moose, <Step Up 3>

Hi, This is  Effy. I'm  an aspiring artist, photographer, and designer. I am also currently a student in NYU Gallatin I am interested in many artistic fields like drawing, painting, photography, filmmaking, fashion, and graphic design. I mainly do lots of fashion related photo shoots and portraits. I love using various media to express myself. But I am not settled for a specific one yet, which is also the reason that I am in Gallatin. I started to find my passion in art in high school senior year, and started to devote myself into all kinds of artistic practice. But I haven't figure out which is the final path I'm gonna take in the future. Just like what Moose said in Step Up 3. I enjoy traveling around and capture the various beauties in life from my own artistic vision. I collaborated this blog with Rachel after she first started it. I feel like this is very good platform to share our artistic perspective, our daily works, and introduce the cool artists and designers we love with people.  My role model is Annie Leiboviz. I love the way how she utilize photography as the media to communicate and create. And as a female artist she shows her own tough way through the world. She is more than just a famous photographer, but an inspiring artist. What I think of art, is something that we communicate with, and the way I see the world through.

My Art Portfolio: http://effych.wix.com/1mmortal
If you are looking for photographer for magazine or personal shooting, please CONTACT ME.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, comments, or wish to promote your products at FROM ESCAPÉS

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