Dolce & Gabbana - Featured Designer for MILAN Fashion Week A/W 2013

As you may remember, we did a highlight coverage and review for the New York Fashion Week that happened earlier this month. I wanted to do the same thing for the other 3 fashion capitol's fashion week, but I'm not sure if I want to make this place into completely fashion week packed. So I decided to only pick out some shows that are so awesome that it is a sin to not share.

Today, we will visit Dolce & Gabbana at Milan's Fashion Week!

Before we get into the designs, I must say that the presentation of this show is fantastic. The entire show. It was amazing, breathtaking even. The music and the collection and the atmosphere come together perfectly. Even the walk of the models are well coordinated that has layers and dimension. The style of the walk was required also because of how big the collection was, with 76 looks in total. The music started off with a beautiful orchestra piece that creates a peace and eerie tone of the show, and suddenly the tone of the music changed and it has become a bit more satirical and a bit circus like. The highlight was when the band of models walk out of the backstage in their striking red dresses. It is definitely something that anyone interested in art should watch.

Seriously. Click on the video. It is worth it.

To encourage you to read further, I am here to tease you with the glorious accessories D&G offered. The accessories are already this beautiful, are you sure you don't want to look more and check out the collection itself? Trust me, the awesomeness here is only a tiny fraction of how magnificent the collection is. I would read along more if I were you! 
Oh the mighty crown for the beautiful Zuzanna Bijoch
GORGEOUS clutch. Look at those intricate stitch work!
Rose-vine Heels - Adorable and Sexy.

Beautiful sets of cross earrings and
the details to see the bejewled dress.


Fashion Corner - Rachel Zoe


Rachel Zoe was a fashion stylist, and now is a fashion designer. Her first collection came on Fall 2011. She is a George Washington University graduate, which is kind of bizarre and impressive as a fashion stylist that doesn't come from a fashion-oriented university (its not even a very fashion-centric city). She started off as a stylist, who styled for many celebrities. She is kind of a celebrity herself, having her own shows - The Zoe Report, and books.
Rachel Zoe
From observing this brand of hers, one may be able to see how there is a universal theme to it. Her clothes are all very wearable, professional, and comfortable (at least it looks like it). There are a lot of things I like about her collection such as how coherent they are, but I would also like some variety. A common theme is suits and baggy suit-pants, very flowy long skirt dresses, and similar color palettes. Her collection is very safe, and sometimes that is not a bad thing since it guarantees customers and the commercial quality would be great in the long run. 

Not that she needs any promotions, but go check it out and support!
Fall 2013

Artists Corner - Julie Pike

Julie Pike is a photographer based on Oslo, Norway. She does a lot of editorial photography for many magazines. I likes how she approaches these portraits in a very soft and foggy style, and expresses the evocative beauties from these figures. And she always knows how to balance the atmosphere between the figure and the background. The way she utilize the lighting in all of these photographs is especially unique. You can see how the lighting creates a mysterious but a little bit erotic feelings in these photographs. Here is the collection of her editorial photographs. 


TOP 5|10 - New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 RUNWAY MOMENTS

Now that New York Fashion Week is two weeks behind us, I want to slowly roll out some general opinions and analysis for the season. So I will be starting a new thing called "Top 5|10". Basically they are the top 5 or 10 *insert category* and give me my reasons why I think so. Today, we will be focused on runway moments.

Of course the designs of a collection is the main point of a fashion show, but it doesn't hurt to have a fantastic presentation. The show aspect of it is just as important as the designs itself. It sets the tone and forms the atmosphere. Today, we will be presenting the top 5 runway shows that we think is worthy of the time to view it. (trust me, they are AWESOME.) Betsey Johnson, Prabal Gurung, Thom Browne, Alexander Wang, and Tess Giberson has the five shows that I think are memorable and it definitely helped them to enhance their collection even further.

Betsey Johnson: Oh awesome show. There is no doubt about it. The models look like they are having so much fun, and in the end when Betsey Johnson started to work out with her models were quite a scene. Although the runway seems a bit messy because its crowded and the models weren't in sync, but the idea of it is great. The fashion industry has become so serious lately it is nice to see someone take themselves less seriously.



You may have all remembered the Prabal Gurung frenzy in Target. Prabal used his sense of print and added some incredible colors in Targets everywhere. Out of all of the different prints, my favorite is the "First Date" Print. They are all incredibly gorgeous pieces that are classy, chic, and very easy to dress for. However, some may tend to dress them with simple jeans or skirt, and not taking these tops to its full potential.

Here is a suggestion on how to dress it for the different persona that is in you! Adding a leather skirt, it can be dressed into a badass look, along with the studded booties. Then there are the classy white-gray shorts that can be quite formal that may be worn to a meeting (in the spring, of course, don't wear it in the winter and freeze!). Lastly, there is the simple jeans (of course) for the more laid-back look. However, don't go for the classic blue denim, but choose some other pastel color! then spice it up with jewelries that is also included in the image. Enjoy!



Fashion Corner - Richard Chai Love

Richard Chai Love is a native New Yorker who studied in Parons School of Design. After his academic career, he delved into many different assistant designer positions for many different designers such as the Armani Exchange, Donna Karen's DKNY - D collection. He then become a design director of Marc Jacobs and launched the men line for Marc by Marc Jacobs. He is all about details and craftsmanship. If you look through the pictures included below you may notice that prints is also his thing. There are a lot of structuring in his clothing, and the suits he created are all very well made because of his experience with men's wear.


Artist Corner - Alex Stoddard

Alex Stoddard is a very young but extremely talented American photographer currently based on LA, California. Similar to Nadia Wicker, his photography career starts with taking his self portraits in his 16.  But he is not only limited to that. His artistic vision is based in surrealistic style. Most of his photograph ideas are very crazy, as he plays the figure's relationship with the surroundings in a very creative way. And most of his photographs have the mysterious and enigmatic beauty, which is also how they draw the audience into them. 

Here is the collection of his fine art photography works.

pictures all come from his personal website, go and check it out!

Donna Karen - Featured Designer of New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 02/11

Donna Karen

Donna Karen's a/w collection goes with the extremely simplistic route. As she is not using any prints for the fabrics, they are all deliberately cut and put together. For Look 1 through 6, even she only uses black fabrics (which I am a huge fan for) they all look very chic and sharp. With the unique collage of the close color tone fabrics, she makes these a/w looks more avant-guard but in the same time very wearable.

In this collection, she uses many smooth and floating lines for the hem of the dresses. And clearly, Donna Karen really likes to play with asymmetrical lines. Her exquisite cutting skills reveals in how the lines of these designs make the models' body shape look even more beautiful. In conclusion, she successfully builds up the toughness and elegance elements into these ready-to-wear a/w collection.

To read about the other designers on this day (February 11th).


Jeremy Scott - Featured Designer of New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 02/13

Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott has always been the designer with crazy prints and extremely creative graphics, using cartoon characters (like the Simpson or Mickey Mouse) to spice up his collection. Today the carton character that starred his show is a green monster. I see it as the incredible hulk.

All of Jeremy Scott's garments are extremely wearable, and presumably comfortable because of the material he uses, cotton jersey and knit wear. However, that is to say if one has the guts to wear it. I mean, the last look with all of the fur is quite insane. Some pieces that are a bit more modest are look 2, look 5, 9,12, 13,14. However, with his stuff, I always felt that getting the crazier looks are better since it is what Jeremy Scott is all about.

To read about the other designers on the day (February 13th).

Vera Wang - Featured Designer of New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 02/12

Vera Wang
Vera Wang has always been the master of sophistication, elegance, and femininity, I mean, she is probably the best wedding dress designer out there (or at least the most renown). This collection has its high and lows, but mostly highs. There are just so many gorgeous pieces here that I am able to ignore the bad ones.

There's a progression with her collection here, starting with the more solid color ones, and then to a more black and white flower prints, lastly is the black, purple, silver, and bronze prints. The first 3 looks are the most simple and wearable of all. They are also personally my favorites. Take a look at the collection and maybe consider one of them to be what you wear to an interview or a cocktail party! Definitely will become the most eye-catching person. 


Prabal Gurung - Featured Designer of New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 02/09

Prabal Gurung

He is probably one of my favorite designers now. After seeing his work from last season, and the limited collection for target LOVE, Prabal Gurung has set new ground with his military inspired Ready-to-wear collection this season. Using his own fashionable ways, he expressed his feeling toward's women in combat, and his own troop of women warriors trumped the runway. Stunning Collection.

Highlights include the segmented boots, long gown for the last look, the jacket for look1, and the shoulder belt embellishments for look 10. Prabal managed to create the perfect balance between femininity and toughness with his fabric choice and the accessories. Whenever there is a very feminine look, there will be a leather or something to "buff" it up a bit.

To read about the other designers on this day (February 9th).

Pierre Balmain - Featured Designer of New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 02/08

Pierre Balmain

When you looked through our highlight, did it feel like some awesome designers are missing from the line up? Well, you're instincts are right! We felt that these specific designers fits our taste the most, and so we decide to feature them separately to highlight their awesomeness.

This is the Day 2 Featured Designer, and it will go to ... Drumroll... Pierre Balmain!

The collection is high class and chic, ready-to-wear pieces that is able to simply communicate one's personality. The color scheme is mainly black and whit,e and a lot of biker jackets, studs, and zippers are involved as usual. He is great at making awesome jackets and coats, and for this collection, there are a lot of highlights on that specific field. My favorite jacket will be look 8 and 13s, because they are so simple and chic, which will be one of the perfect jackets for formal situations.

To read about the other designers on this day (February 8th).

Looks - Details of Photoshoot for Embodied Magazine.

These are the more detailed shots of the looks for the WINTERISH SPRING photo shoot. Since we couldn't feature every shot in the magazine thus leaving out the beautiful detailed jewelries and more, we decided to include them here for the curious readers to view!

Thank HerHattanNYC.com and AuH2O for lending us their garments, they look fantastic and the photo shoot will be completely different without them!

The order below are according to the order on the main post about the collection!

Also, please do check out AuH2O and HerHattanNYC.com. They are great places/sites and you will not regret checking it out. AuH2O is located at 84 E 7th Street, New York, between 1st and 2nd Avenue. HerHattanNYC.com is an online magazine that also sells selected designers items. Majority of the products are handmade and they are absolutely stunning. Go check it out!

Look 1
Purse: Not for Sale


Embodied Vol. 1 - WINTERISH SPRING

These are the photos featured in Embodied Magazine, the NYU Gallatin based fashion magazine! It is our first issue and it will definitely continue to mature. One can pick up a copy in the common area of the Gallatin building on Washington Place, across from the NYU Bookstore. 

All of the photos below are featured in the actual magazine, if you like what you see here, please go check out the actual magazine and support us next year! 

There are also more detailed products shot that you can view! There are some minor details that not all pictures will be able to cover, so here is to help :) Check it out! They are awesome.

Look 1
The red long coat add richness and flair to the sweet, innocent dress. 


Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 8, (02/14)

Today, there are only a few designers left in New York Fashion Week, (although London Fashion Week is starting up already), and today we are talking about the best of the bests: Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren. The three most renown American designers!

Marc Jacobs:
Even though Marc Jacobs always has very chic and fashionable designs, this season's collection come out to be a little bit disappointment. The first look almost set the the tone of the whole collection--a sense of out of nowhere. Several looks in this collections are basically the copies of pajamas. And the use of animal shaped fur scarf is even incompatible to the designs. In look 5, the model walks out with no tops but covering her boobs with her hand! Clearly it is meant to catch people's attention to the design of the gloves, but such look is still a little "trying too hard" for the ready to wear design. And the wigs and make-ups for the models are also not very flattering. I have to say, personally I am not a big fan for March Jacobs' a/w collection.


Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 7, (02/13)

For Day 7, I will be introducing nine designers today. The designers that are featured today is: Anna Sui, Bibhu Mohapatra, Honor, J. Mendel, Marchesa, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Proenza Schouler, Reed Krakoff

Anna Sui: The collection progresses pretty coherently as the collection goes on. The color gradates slowly, and none of the looks stray from the general theme of the show. Her inspiration is actually a big help for this coherent factor of her collection. She was inspired by the monochromatic sense of Godard's One Plus One. (A film made based on Rolling Stone's recording session.) Although the collection isn't "monochromatic" per-say, but the same shade of prints unite the collection very well. Anna Sui's clothes has a very special quality: It would be perfect on both middle aged women or youngsters, and it really depends on how one assemble them together. For example, look 2's pants can be "matured-up" by wearing a knit white shirt with a black cardigan, or it could be "younged-down" with another crazy printed tank, with insane pumps. It really depends on how you put them together.


Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 6, (02/12)

Let's just dive in since we are already behind, shall we? Fortunately, there are only four designers I will be introducing here: Badgley Mischka, Diesel Black Gold, J. Crew, and Patrik Ervell. 

Badgley Mischka: The starting look of the show foreshadows the end of the show. The tone in the middle of th show is kind of jumping all over the place. Going from a classical long dress, sequin dress, wrap skirts,  to a suit. There are nine long gowns that are quite beautiful (though very out of place at the same time), and finally it ends with the look that is similar than the first: Aztec/Egyptian influenced long dresses. Look 19 is so beautiful. I love the two wings that covers the bust area.

Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 5, (02/11)

There are so many wonderful designers today that there is so little space for so many things. So I tried to only pick out 6 looks that best represent the designers collection's color, tone, style, and garment-shapes.

The designers we will be talking about today includes 3.1 Philip Lim, Alice + Olivia, Belstaf, Betsey Johnson, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ohne Titel, Reem Acra, Theysken's Theory, and Thom Browne (The man who designed Michelle Obama's Inauguration 2013 look!

3.1 Phillip Lim: No need to point it out, but the collection is very urban based. The color tone of the collection gradate from bright paste pinkl, into a bit more monochromatic white and dark purple, and end with a couple of fun patched pants. The way he plays with the lapel of jackets and skirt is ingenious. It creates an edge with all of these stiff lapel protruding outwards. The highlight for this collection would be look 1 and look 3. I love how all of the colors goes together for look 1 and the way the lapel of the vest curves looks awesome for look 3. I love the patched jeans in look 5 an 6 as well, though I am not a huge fan of those furry purses. 


Exhibitionary - Hendrik Kerstens Photography

This is Hendrik Kerstens's photography exhibit currently in Danziger Gallery. All the images in this collection are photographs of his own daughter. They are all large scale prints that imitates the style of oil paintings. And those photographs are very appealing in a weird way. He uses some unexpected props on his daughter and create some interesting visual effects.

The way he plays with this photography media is very interesting. For example, in photo on the left side, he puts a pile of napkins on her neck that seems like a "bonnet". 

In this photograph, he just puts a plastic bag on her head which looks like a giant medieval hat.

By printing in a particular style, he softens the skin tone and creates very beautiful portraits. I really like the style he makes of these portraits. I especially like the fact that they are very Renaissance portraits looking as the figure is posed in a certain way and is lifted out of the context to be put in a complete monochrome background. But at the same time they all have very novel and creative sides.

Anyway, one more photo of the beautiful sunny chelsea!

Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 4, (02/10)

Day 4! Let's get started!

Y-3:I dig the process Yohji Yamamoto has here. Starting from completely black, slowly gradating into colors, than going back to black basics. Elegant and smooth. We can see the a little influence of leather on the garments, but a lot of shoes are combat boots or high tops that are predominantly leather (or rubber/shiny material).The style is obviously urban and street due to its influence by Adidas, but its also a lot more stylish and high-fashion. All of the looks are generally appealing, but there aren't any specific looks that are particularly outstanding. I do love the black slanted sweater. It is a very cute top to include in your wardrobe. Very convenient for a day out.


Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 3, (02/09)

Alexander Wang: What Alexander Wang is known for is the chic cuts and the empowering looks he offer women. This season, he used a lot more textures than he used to. Most dominantly is the use of furs and leathers. The medieval headpiece looks and the fuzzy shoes are pretty awesome. 


Experience - Alexander Wang's A/W 2013 Show

Alexander Wang's A/W2013 fashion show was yesterday! It was an amazing show, the furry coats, the texture, and the sleek/chic looks was quite a sensation! I especially love the armor looking fuzzy hat thing. The whole show was predominately black/white/gray (very Alexander Wang), but what was great was the pop in the long ponytail of all of his models.

The music was awesome too! I especially love the opening. Eye of the Tiger? Badass!

Watch the Runway Show Here! Seriously, it is worth it.

I took some runway photos myself, They are obvisouly not as detailed nor good compared to the video, but I tried, and I just want to share my experience. I was merely a standing guest (because I'm not buyer :P) My spot was very close where the models walk out, so the very beginning and the end of the stretch.

Anyways, enjoy!


Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 2, (02/08)

Design by Rachel
There are a lot more designers today so I will be very brief. Please do make sure to check out the eight other designers that is covered here such as Jason Wu, Rebecca Minkoff, Rag+Bone, and Yigal Azrouel!

Cushnie et Ochs: Interesting cuts, a more toned down color, great geometric shapes. Look 10,11, and 12 are the most interesting. Look 3 is also quite interesting, but I am not a big fan of the color. The contrast of color tones between Look 2 and Look 3 is so drastic that is not as coherent as it could have been.

Looks - Gussy up for New York Fashion Week 2013!

Today, I was invited to a very special event: Alexander Wang and Robert Geller's runway show. They presented the autumn/winter 2013. So one will have to dress fashionably to attend such an important event. So? This is what I came up with, I decided to go with simple and sweet. I wore a pair of tights and a short blue tribal print skirt from Forever21, with a half sheer black shirt (also from Forever21) and a grey cardigan. Lastly, I complete the look by wearing these awesome black-golden heels, a Zara coat, and carried a black-and-white hand bag. It turns out to be a very chic look.

Even though today is the aftermath of Nemo the blizzard and it is really cold outside but I still sucked up the coldness and dressed professionally. It was very beautiful out in Washington Square Park because it was covered in white snow. Walking in the slushes, however, was a pain in the butt. What us girls will do for fashion.

The show itself was a great experience, which I will elaborate more later!


Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 1, (02/07)

Logo Created by Rachel (Me!)
Fashion goes around comes around. Every sixth months, there has to be a renewal of fashion collection to keep up with the pace of the trends. New York Fashion Week being one of the biggest fashion weeks out there, it is only reasonable for me to do a coverage of the beauty on the shows. Like any other fashion weeks, it is hold semi-annually, one during February (Fall/Winter Collection) and one during September (Spring/Summer Collection).  Starting yesterday, (February 7) is the first day of Fashion Week. The event will go on for a week (until February 14th). from ESCAPÉS will do a coverage for the designers each day until the end of Fashion Week. 

We will not, however, cover all of the designers that will be presenting (cause if we do, the post would be super duper long and dull). Since this is a "highlight" piece, we want to keep it as short and sweet as possible, featuring the designers and looks we personally like. So without further ado, let's begin this festive time!

Erin Fetherston - Featured Designer of New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 02/07

Designed by Rachel

It is simple. It is elegant. It is adorable. The hair-dress vine-thing on the girl's head fits perfectly into the outfit. Erin Fetherston came up with a great collection of ready-to-wear for young and sophisticated girls. Many ready-to-wear outfits today are very daring and something unique to the designer. Even though this collection may not be as particular as the others, but it is definitely the most easily likable. It is a romantic collection and the simple silhouette is simply gorgeous. The common look throughout the collection is the gathered skirt and pencil skirt shape along with the sweetheart necklines/outlines.

Most looks in this collection is my "favorite", but the ones that I will definitely buy (also consider how I am usually a quite monochromatic person), are look 1, 9, 10, 14, and 18. They are simple and sweet that would be perfect for almost any occasion: glam it up with make up and accessories to go to a party, tone it down with a simple jacket/cardigan to go to class or an interview, layer up with jackets and hats to shop. Just because these are the ones that I absolutely love, doesn't mean the other loos aren't gorgeous. I am a very petite person, so I cannot wear any long gown without looking like it's drowning me, but Look 17, 22, 23, and 24 are four very beautiful long gowns that one just cannot ignore. The wrapping quality of Look 19 and 20 is special so one can definitely stand out from the crowd. the skirt on Look 4 is unique and flirty that would be perfect on a date. All of the other looks has the sensible and playful character Erin Fetherson always has. 


Exhibitionary - BEAT MEMORIES Allen Ginsberg

“Without even intending it, there is that little shiver of a moment in time preserved in the crystal cabinet of the mind. A little shiver of eternal space. That’s what I was looking for.” - Allen Ginsberg, 1979

Today, we went to see the Allen Ginsberg’s photographs collection called BEAT MEMORIES, which is currently on exhibit at NYU Grey Art Gallery. As we all know, Allen Ginsberg is the leading figure of the Beat Generation. He is not only known for his poems, but also those valuable black and white photographs that greatly represent the memories of beat generation.

Most of the photographs are the portraits of Ginsberg’s friends, which include many great figures of the Beat Generation ranged from musicians, writers, photographers, to filmmakers. Such as Bob Dylan, Harry Smith, Robert Frank, Gregory Corso, and William Burroughs, just to name a few. What I personally love about these portraits, are the fact that they are not very intended. They are more like daily snapshots under very casual circumstance. A lot of the portraits are taken across a dining table. Some of the photographs are very bold, but in the same time are taken very unintentionally. There are also many his self-portraits. From these beautiful first hand sources, we can see these artists and writers’ life in New York from the 50s to 80s.

If you are in New York, definitely go to NYU Grey Art Gallery and check out this exhibit, plus, it is free! It ends on April 6, 2013. 

Looks - Human Anatomy!

Skeletons are commonly associated with death and other dark stuff, but why can't it be cute and fun? In today's shoot, I matched a pair of skeleton gloves (In pink, which is super adorabs~) with a skull shirt. The skull design on the shirt is specially designed and it is very meticulous. 

The look in general still has a certain edge to it even though the pink gloves very cute. It is very comfortable to shop, visit museums, or hang out in this outfit since the denim-like leggings and soft knit shirt is comfortable and loose, along with the knit hat and the gloves to keep you warm and stylish. I chose to not put on even more jewelries such as necklaces because I don't want to crowd the graphics in the front. 

So, what do you think?

Continue Reading for More!


Fashion Corner - Osklen

Fashion Corner is a category created to introduce different designers, their backgrounds, and their vision.

Osklen is a clothing brand originated from Brazil owned by Oskar Metsavaht. The brand started in 1986 by a group of snowboarding enthusiast in Brazil. since Brazil is a very tropical place, it is difficult to find appropriate snow gear for the occasion, so Oskar Metsavaht took the opportunity to design a special type fo fabric that would help the snow boarders in the cold climate. Oskar considers himself as an artist than a fashion designer, and he creates all of his garments through a creative process.

Personally, I am a huge fan of the vivid colors Osklen offers in the Endless Summer Women's collection. Even though I am mainly a black-and-white kind of girl, having one of those garemnts would be a great addition to my wardrobe. Like I mentioned before, it seems that Brazilian designers have this certain finesse to their designs, and the color palette they use is so vivid and lustrous that echoes the energetic environment that is Brazil.

Below is the Spring/Summer 2013 - Endless Summer Women's Collection, Enjoy!


Looks - Temperate Tuesday

Today is a lazy Tuesday. I didn't do anything besides painting and stuff. It's just one of those days that you don't feel well and you cannot bring yourself to do anything productive. Eventually, after finishign some pretty awesome things, I was finally able to start reading.

Well, this is the look of my day :) Like I said, it was a very relaxing day, very "temperate". Big, baggy tee, Leggings, Flat-rim hat. My new blonde-ish hair too!! Gotta Love the lazy days.

read more for pictures and comment!

Slouchy slouchy :p


Looks - Leather Gloves, High Stockings, and Bandana

Want to be bad? Sometimes you just need the right accessories. Here is me in a bandana, a leather glove, and those high stockings with zippers. Then after you do all of the right steps, it just depends on how you carry the attitude!

I hope you like it!

Read more for more pictures, and also comments!

Artist Corner - Nadia Wicker

Nadia Wicker is a female French photographer/make-up artist. She is 31 and currently lives in Paris. As both a photographer and a make-up artist, she perfectly balances these two identities and forms her extremely distinctive style.

Nadia Wicker's photographs are mainly self-portraits. She utilizes her own body and face to make art works. They not only serve as her tool to create, but also her inspirations. Her style is very abstract, bizarre, and striking. She is very bold with the putting the make ups together. Sometimes it looks very scary, but the effect is very stunning.

Here are the collections of her art works.