Looks - Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

"Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?" will be a question that I will be always asking...

Hey everyone! Another styling shoot is finally out~ This is actually an accident and it was totally unintentional. So Effy was doing an assignment for her Film class, and the concept were about this girl who has multiple personality disorder. That is the general idea, and the finished product of the film will be posted later so look forward to that! Personally, I really like this shoot because the photos are just awesome and dark. It has this rebellious teenager type of thing going on. The photo actually depicts the deranged crazy very well so I think the title is very fitting considering how it is a riddle that is not suppose to make sense.

The look today is totally black. It goes from the black bootie, to the black jeans, then my black shirt, and lastly the black jacket. Thank god my hair is dyed blonde, or I'll probably look like a floating head! Black is really a color that looks good no matter how you wear it. Of course, some may think that it is spring time and black is a rather grim color, but as long as the fabric and texture is light enough, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. 


Shopping - Summer Shoes

Another post for the summer shopping frenzy! Today's a great day in New York City. I cannot even begin to express how excited I am. Just sitting all day in Washington Square Park. I mean, I am in class right now, but that is only because I have to. Yeah, I'm not a great student, but it is only because I want to be outside so badly. Here are a selection of shoes on LYST! Go shopping fashionistas, I won't bore you with more words now!



Shopping - Edgy Accessories

Today's focus is on accessories. The selection I made are more edgy and slick than sophisticated and feminine. The price is a bit higher today because I didn't think there are any good ones that are on the cheaper side, so I had to raise the price. A lot of the things we've been seeing a lot lately is spike and hard edges. Such as the Pamela Love ring or CC Skye bracelet. The Eddige Borgo earring is also very awesome. And of course, there has to be an Alexander McQueen skull ring to complete the edgy set.

So what do you think? Go shopping now!


One White Shirt, Two Ways Styling!

White shirt is always the simplest and easiest thing that goes with all kinds of looks. Wear it with a long black dress it could be a little bit formal and chic looking. Tug it into a boyfriend shorts, it could be casual and street style. A pair of white converse and a beanie would make this look even cooler.

White Shirt!


Shopping - Selections of the Day

The theme today is TANKS! New York City today is beautiful, with a 72 degree high, and it was very comfortable to walk around in just a tank and a jacket. I took full advantage and wore an "Obey" shirt from Metro Park. It is time to start shopping for chic summer clothes! Today's selections are generally from H&M, but there are products from Ralph Lauren and Free People.

Most of them are from H&M simply because it is a reasonable price for college student like me, and there are no reason to break the bank for a simple top when you can find something just as stylish in a those big retailers.

Take a look at these tops and enjoy the rising heat!


Shopping - Selection of the Day

Here are a couple of products on LYST that are quite adorable and I want to introduce them to you guys :)  The prices are quite reasonable (under $100), and they are all very chic and stylish. Today's selection are more leaning towards a pastel tone of red/pink/orange/salmon shade. I haven't found the best color word for it yet, unfortunately, since this color is so perfect for the spring!

Products included in today's posts are Zara, Free People, Topshop, Calvin Klein, H&M, and Pour La Victoire.



Portfolio will be a section that includes recent works of an impressive designer, some may be very famous, some may be newcomers. However, the point is to layout an artist's work and see the progression and theme of the season. Sometimes, similar silhouette or technique could be observed and it is just kind of cool to see how much an designer were able to create.

Alexander Wang's collection this year was impressive and beautiful. I am pretty sure all of his dresses in Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear are featured somewhere in fashion magazines, especially the fishnet connected dresses. His inspiration were different animals, but he interpreted it very abstractly and went towards an unpredictable collection. These original designs landed Alexander Wang an even higher acclaim than he already has.

Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was also another groundbreaking design, with a lot of fuzziness, just like Lots-O the Hugging Bear in Toys Story 3. Of course, oppose to strawberry smelling comfort, Alexander Wang's fluff is tougher, darker, and much more badass. The medieval chain helmet inspired hoodies, the leather skirts, and the sweaters are all beautiful, and the show was absolutely perfect.

Then news broke out about how he is the "next of kin" of Balenciaga, a historical design house that emphasizes structure. Many people were astonished by the news and were "terrified" of how Alexander Wang were going to execute it since he tends to be on a more "casual, street wear" type of route than super Balenciaga-high-fashion. I must say, he NAILED it. Although I agree that the collection doesn't have the Balenciaga "pop" and wow factor, the collection is definitely sophisticated, composed, and well-structured. The results were impressive and Alexander Wang gained my trust.

Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2013


Barbara Casasola - Autumn/Winter 2013 Ready-To-Wear

Do you remember at the beginning of this year that I introduced a beautiful fashion designer named Barbara Casasola? She is a London-based Brazilian designer and she started her "parred-down occasion wear" in 2012. She only had till a Autumn 2012 and Spring Ready-To-Wear 2013 back then, and they were beautiful. Her style are very simple and chic. They tend to be longer gowns with flowy type of fabrics and the colors are usually restrained and rarely has more than two colors in one look.

This season, Barbara took a lot of risk comparing to her past. She had pants and shorter dresses with mesh and mix-matching colors. The use of chiffon is more prominent in this collection, comparing to her last Autumn/Winter collection where its mostly velvet. This new collection is beautiful and sophisticated like her other designs, and there are definitely some gowns that I will like to steal.

What do you think of this collection?