Looks - A Hot Day in Winter.

So did anyone feel how hot today is? It's even 72 Fahrenheit degrees at one point today. II really appreciated the warm weather cause it has been very cold in New York City lately.

This is my third day into the spring semester, and I finally got the chance to take photos of my looks. This is about 5:30 in the afternoon, and I just came back from an entire day of class, so sorry about my very tired expressions.

I hope you like the look!!

Hot day during Winter Look!
Sheer Shirt: Forever21,  Black Cardigan: Target, Black Jeans: Forever21, Boots: Journeys, Rings: Forever21, Bag: Forever21, Glasses Necklace: A boutique from Taiwan.
Also, I want to take an opportunity to introduce a new writer, and also my very good friend, Effy! She is also the one who took those photos. She is going to be focusing on museum exhibitions, photographies, and other more fine arts related topics. We haven't really developed any specific ideas yet, but so far this is the case.


Fashion Corner - Barbara Casasola

Designer Corner is a category created to introduce different designers, their backgrounds, and their vision. 


Barbara Casasola

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The designer I am talkin about today is on the watch-list of becoming a future star! Some say the "New Madame Gres". It is Barbara Casasola! She is a London based Brazilian designer. She studied in Central Saint Martins in London and Istituto Marangoni in Milan, and she was the apprentice of Roberto Cavalli for two years. She then worked in Paris for Lavin and Chloe. 

In Summer 2012, she released her first collection (Fall 2012 RTW) in Sao Paulo with a focus on parred down occasion wear. What caught my attention about her collection is how incredibly simplistic it looks, yet its undeniable dramatic effect. The silhouette and construction of the dress may not be very elaborate, but they sufficiently show women's femininity and elegance.

If we first look at her Fall 2012 RTW collection, there are a few things that is evident: Four major color theme, similar shape of garments, velvet and sheer-type fabric, and sophisticated aurora.

Her Spring 2013 RTW is similar to her fall collection, similar color schemes and silhouette  and even more beautiful dresses. Her looks are perfect for any red carpet or award ceremonies and hopefully her success will grow!

Click to see her collection!

Life - Sunday Thrift-shopping!

It is so cold today! It kind of sucks how I don't have more pictures of my thrifting experience. Just too cold to pull out the camera. (it was 30F today, along with the wind.)

My look today is pretty laid back for a lazy Sunday shopping trip. I was wearing a Aztec print knit dress, black tights, Forever21 kicks and bags. Then I top everything with my J-Crew jacket. Just saying, this is not warm enough. 

My look of the day!
Today I went to East Village to thrift and I end up with some scarves, tights, and a bracelet! I got all of these things from Search and Destroy, a very punk, rock type of store. There are some store decoration that really freaked me out, such as the zombie, the hanging mannequin, and separated (limb-by-limb by the way) human form. It was disturbing. Other than that, the selection was massive, with plenty of cool/edgy things that you can pick. The place is a bit grimy  and the style is more on extreme (studs and leather), but they are pretty cool.

Then we went to a couple more shops down 9th street. The stores are nice and cute, but the selection was not big and they are all vintage antiques so unless you have a very specific item/style, it might not be suitable. 

Well, now, let's take a look with my finds!

Net Knit Shirt

Four Scarves

Awesome Thigh Socks

Super excited to put together an outfit especially with the scarves. I don't usually shop for scarves but now that I have them, I can't wait to have fun with them!! Will update with results!


Look - Back To College - Day 1

College is about to start! Has everyone start to plan out their looks yet? For my first day back to school, I want to go with something subtle and professional because I want to dress nicely but not too crazy since I"m not sure what to expect from my professors yet.

I'm going to first start off with a black sheer blouse paring with my favorite fitted snake print jeans, topping it all with a gray blazer jacket. I will be wearing a black ankle bootie and black accessories/make up. I'll be wearing my black peacoat that will keep me warm since it'll be cold.

It's a look that is hard to go wrong with since it is so safe, but it will give the professors a good impression and I can start the semester off with a professional attitude.

Back To School - Day 1

Forever 21 sheer top

Fitted jacket
$32 - newlook.com

Vintage boots
$41 - spylovebuy.com

Forever 21


Highlight Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 2013 Day 4!

This is the last day!! *sad face* But it's okay! Cause there's still four talented designers who have presented their works today! Let's check it out.

Béatrice Demulder Ferrant is a French designer. Her collection is sophisticated. The victorian pattern, the vine curl designs, the colors, and the bold pattern (in Look 10-12) stood out.

Béatrice Demulder Ferrant - Spring 2013 Couture
Béatrice Demulder Ferrant - Spring 2013 Couture
Béatrice Demulder Ferrant - Spring 2013 Couture
Béatrice Demulder Ferrant - Spring 2013 Couture

Zuhair Murad is a Lebanese Designer. Oh this collection is so exquisite! The details, the structure, the way the dress looks when the models walk down the aisle. The theme is pretty obviously Greek Goddess. The set of the show is perfect too because it is completely white, which emulate the vibe of being in the heavens. 

Zuhair Murad - Spring 2013 Couture

Zuhair Murad - Spring 2013 Couture
Zuhair Murad - Spring 2013 Couture
Zuhair Murad - Spring 2013 Couture
Zuhair Murad - Spring 2013 Couture
Zuhair Murad - Spring 2013 Couture
Zuhair Murad - Spring 2013 Couture 
These looks are the most goddess looking ones. The way they sway and move on the model is angelic and graceful. They are the perfect red carpet looks for people such as Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, or Anne Hathaway. The dresses are not too heavy that will overpower the beauty of the person who is wearing them, but its beauty will undoubtedly help them glow even more than they already are. 

Hervé L.Leroux is a French designer. He was on break for 12 years, until today. He came back with this beautiful collection. Perfect, and I mean PERFECT, red carpet looks. (Yes, it was all caps worthy). All of them are perfect for any type of occasion. The way the fabric wraps around the body can easily make any woman drop dead gorgeous in it. This unmistakably the most classy couture look out of the entire week!
Hervé L.Leroux - Spring 2013 Couture
Hervé L.Leroux - Spring 2013 Couture

Rad Hourani is Canadian designer (Born in Jordan). I would like to first point out how all of the models from this collection look like they are mannequins; it makes the collection stands out even more than they already has. The black and white theme reminds me of mimes, which emphasizes his intention to create a unisex couture line. All of these leather jackets with their lapel hanging out is a striking sight.
Rad Hourani - Spring 2013 Couture 
Rad Hourani - Spring 2013 Couture
Rad Hourani - Spring 2013 Couture

Rad Hourani - Spring 2013 Couture

LOVE: Prabal Gurung for Target

I'm not promoting for Target, I genuinely think this collection is great.

Prabal Gurung is a Nepalese American Fashion Designer. He launched his first fashion show back in February 2009. His style is usually pretty, classy women's wear, but with his modern twist to it. Even though they are a bit more simple, with less prints and patterns, they are intricately constructed that makes his past collection edgy and stand out from the crowd.

So how will it look if Prabal Gurung collaborate with Target? I am assuming that since there is a certain price range for Target, Gurung will have to use more affordable resources than he is used to. How will the collaboration turns out with this limitation?

It turns out to be AWESOME!

Look at these patterns, and prints! The boldness and lightness of these looks are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer! 

My favorite looks are Look 2 for its versatility  Look 5's shorts' fun-ness, Look 7 for its edgy and spunkiness, Look 8 for its edgy femininity, and Look 9 for its sexiness.

The general Price range from around 15 to 35, with occasional items such as leather jacket or blazers that cost more than 40 bucks. In general, a pretty good deal for such a high-fashion, ready-to-wear looks.

Below are the selected looks from the collection. 

This collection will be released on February 10th!! Be Pumped!! It's released limitedly so be prepared to snatch some clothes!!

Love - Collaboration with Target

LOVE - Look 1
LOVE - Look 2
Love - Look 3
LOVE - Look 4
LOVE - Look 5
LOVE - Look 6
LOVE - Look 7

Love - Look 8
LOVE - Look 9



Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2013: Transparently Sophisitcated

And not to mention... SEXY!

In my last post where Karl Lagerfeld designed things that are outrageous and dreamlike. Instead of going with the crazy route, Elie Saab stayed with simple elegance, restrained elaboration, and intricate craftsmanship for this collection.

The runway happened today in Paris.

This collection is majestic. It is coherent. It is wonderful throughout. I really loved it.

Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture reminds me of the dancer in Ancient Egypt, where they wear transparent dresses/shawls. The victorian embroidery adds sophistication to all of the looks. 

What do you think of this collection??

Below are selected photos of the runway show:

Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 1

Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 2

Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 3
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 4
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 5
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 6
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 7
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 8

Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 9
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 10
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 11
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 12
Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 13

Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 14

Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 15

Elie Saab's Spring 2013 Couture - Look 16

Elie Saab!