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I recently found this awesome Website that allows me to gain access to view and create looks and clothing items. As a lover of Fashion, I think this thing is AWESOME!. Though it is lacking some brands that I love (ex. Jeremy Scott), but it's still awesome.

So I decided to create a little "Create the Look" section, and today's create the look is 2NE1~

Well, I know it's not completely their style, but it also includes some items that I just adore so much.

This is definatedly a fun thing to play with when you have no idea what to get.

All of the items are ranging from 0~ 100, there are some jeans from balmain that are super expensive.. but hey, I also offer other jeans that are below 100, so it's awesome.. right??

Give me some feed back, and perhaps create a few sets to show off ur fashion sense??

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