Alexander McQueen - Featured Designer of PARIS Fashion Week A/W 2013

Sarah Burton, the creative director for Alexander McQueen, is pregnant and she did this collection while she's in the last stage of her pregnancy! In other news, the collection was mediocre! (Please don't hate me). 

However, let's talk about the positive before we move on to the negatives. There are a lot of beautiful and detailed craftsmanship, awesome runway show, and the theme of the show is very clear. Below are the detail shots of the show, and needless to say, it looks like it took a lot of hardwork. The head-cage itself are made of beads and combined together, presumably, by wire or those fishing threads. The result is beautiful. My favorite would be the corsets in the last set of the photo. The very traditional silhouette along with the complicated needlework (along with more beads), it's not hard to imagine how long it took. 

The details and craftsmanship are on par, just as usual.

The show was fantastical, unique, and emphasizes the show is just as important as the collection itself. Alexander McQueen's show has never fall short from a drama point of view, and today is the same. There are 10 looks in total, when actually its five themes with two variants. The theme was the Catholic church. The theme is divided into five different subgroups: Communion, nuns, cardinals, popes, and angels. If you really look at it, the inspiration is clear as day. This centraled inspiration helps the collection to be more grounded. 

The video below is the show itself. The music and how the models walk down the runway, interweaving into each door and synchronizing with each other, the show did not disappoint.

The McQueen signatured meticulous craftsmanship is still there, the out of the box thinking is still there, the signatured silhouette is still there, so what was missing?  I guess I was just expecting more.

What do you think of Alexander McQueen's new collection?

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