Jeremy Scott - Crazy and Outrageous

Started in 1997, Jeremy Scott’s eponymous line is an example of lowbrow culture transformed into high art. Often more conceptual than wearable, the designs change drastically every season with the evolution of Scott’s whimsy. Clam-shaped dresses and one-legged pants are just two of the most notorious items from this line. -- New York Fashion on Jeremy Scott

I normally don't know any designers. Of course I know all of those big shots such as Chanel, Gucci, Prada, etc. Even when I'm interested in being a fashion designer, staying on top of the fashion trend isn't my first priority. For me, I believe that each of us have our own sense of fashion and style that should not be affect too much by other designers. Even though it is healthy to look at other examples and consider the ideas and see what works and what doesn't, I still normally keep away from magazines and fashion runway shows to keep my originality.

However, when I first got out of my way to understand a designer, it was Jeremy Scott. I knew him over a group of singers -- 2NE1. I wrote once about them on my blog, and they love to wear what Jeremy Scott designs. Then I slowly realize how creative those garments the girls had on are. I did some of my research and realize that they were wearing Jeremy Scott. His designs are outrageous and crazzy with insane colors and concepts. They are more conceptual rather than wearable, but when put together well it can look amazing and eye catching. What first caught my attention was their shoes.

He collaborated with Adidas, and created many casual items that was very .... outrageous. His ideas were so different from the others it is difficult to not notice. Here are a couple examples of what he designed that I think is very impressive.

Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings

Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0
He created a couple wing shoes that evolved over time with differnt colors. If you look at the homepage of the adidas online shop, those shoes will definatedly catch the shoppers eyes. This pair of shoes will catch the attention from everyone for sure. This is one of my favorite designs. He has other shoes designs including Mickey Tongue's shoes, Flame (instead of wings) shoes, teddybear tongue shoes, license plate tongue shoes, etc.His other clothes colloboration with Adidas were also very impressive.

Now getting into his mainline, he created many big shirts that can act like a baggy t-shirt, or a dress.His most recent collection is the Fall 2011. And OMG, he blew my mind again. His theme this time is very colorful colors (not really), but there are a couple that blew my mind. Here are a couple examples that I can totally see many celebrities, such as 2NE1, would wear.

Don't know about you, but I think those are pretty bad ass.

Picture Credit: Shoebizf.com, NYMag.com
Source: New York Fashion & Style, wikipedia

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