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Very sexy, sensual and different. The two collections Katie Eary produced that are on display on Style.com are stellar! I've always loved designs that are sexy, high-fashion, and a slight dramatic touch. Katie Eary's collection are definitely all 3. Her Spring 2013 RTW collection were very high fashion, with baroque-inspired spring fashion. The model in Fall 2013 RTW were very sexy in the clothes and her vampire fangs. The collections are definitely very eye-catching ones to wear to the street. My favorite selections are in the "overview", because they are relatively simple and not over-complicated, but still very chic and fashionable.

Katie Eary is a London-based fashion designer. Apparently her focus is on Men's Wear, which explains the little women collection, and her style is usually described as aggressive. She garnered a lot of attention when she graduated from Royal College of Arts in 2008.

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Also, if you want to own some of these awesome clothes, Go shop! There are certainly a lot of T-Shirts that are super stylish and fancy that I would love to have.

Fall 2013 RTW

Fall 2013 RTW

Spring 2013
Spring 2013 RTW

Spring 2013 RTW
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