Looks - Urban Outfitters Skull Shirt!

The sunshine makes me so happy!

The weather has been very badly lately but it finally got better yesterday! It was a glorious day with bright sun and nice breeze. As you can see above, I was very pleased. To celebrate such a great day, we did another photoshoot! We are not having as much photoshoots lately because it is the joyful midterm season for us students, and we need to study before we can take pictures. Plus the weather wasn't ideal anyways. And now we can finally have a new set of photos out, yay!

The main garment to introduce is the skull shirt from Urban Outfitters, which is currently on sale for $9.99. It's a great deal in my opinion. The shirt is incredibly comfortable, flowy, and the design in the front is just so creative and awesome that it has a bit McQueen-esque to it (probably because of the skulls). I paired the shirt with a knitted jacket from American Eagle, jeans from Forever21, and a pair of knee-high boots from DSW. The look is more casual and comfortable, emphasizing chicness. I wore it to my midterm today actually. There are also a lot of different ways to dress this shirt, which is its advantage too since you can change the tone so easily by simply using different outerwear. Go check it out!

Although the shirt is the focal point, but these boots are awesome nonetheless.
The frontal look of the prints.

What do you think of the look?
Do you like the print? 
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