Original - "STEREO-TYPE" MusiCouture Fashion Show + Lookbook Shoot

Stereo-type  Collection
Gallatin School of Individualized Studies is one of the schools in New York University. It's a great school for people who has a lot of different interest and have no idea how to channel it into a traditional major. Another cool thing about Gallatin is that it holds an annual runway show ever since 2009. The first year starts with a eco-friendly themed show, and 2010 was a gender-awared theme. This year, the theme is "music". The show is to explore how music and fashion are interconnected. The name of the show is MusiCouture.

The name of my collection si named Stereo_type. 

Music and Fashion are connected in many ways in my opinion. Whenever I am designing something I always turn on the specific tone of music and start sketching. For this collection, Stereo_type, it is about combining the two cultural identity I have. I was raised in Taiwan until seventh grade and studied in boarding school for five years. The eastern and western culture inside me clashes a lot of the time and I had an era of identity crisis. However, I understand that sometimes it is the multiple identities and cultures that make one so beautiful. This collection combines my eastern heritage and the western culture, exhibiting the different side and colors of music in a fashionable manner. Each look is inspired by a specific type of music from one of the two cultures. There are the eastern traditional music and pop music, there are also the western classical, neoclassical, and pop music. The elements of the looks may be stereotypical, but the looks in general is innovative and modern, turning something that is old into new.

Me introducing my collection during the Runway Show

Classical  Music
Eastern Moden Pop Music
Neo-Classical Music
Eastern Festival Music
Eastern Palanquin Music

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  1. I like the use of spikes and the looks reflect the genre of music very well! hope you enjoyed it! :)