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Overview of Wren
Melissa Coker, the founder and designer of Wren, was born in Illinois. She started her career by interning with Helmut Lang, then she worked in Vogue, Detail, and W. She finally began her own line in 2007 and named it after Jenny Wren. The line is based in Los Angeles, which is quite evident with the happy colors the collection has.The collection is, according to their website, "emblemized in the line's air of free-spirited exuberance, restrained elegance and low-key sophistication.

So far, I like what I see with the collection. They are very chic and some are quite girly. I believe the description of the collection actually is spot-on because they are all designs that are a fun and interesting, but at the same time they are all elegant and well made enough to be worn to any formal events. Every season has a pretty clear theme, and they are quite easy to distinguish between the spring and fall seasons. It may because it is a designer based in LA, so there aren't many heavy jackets or fur or thick sweaters for fall. There is actually not much leather either. The designs are all pretty light and happy. My favorite collection is probably Spring 2012 and Fall 2013. They are all simple enough for me to buy them without worrying about whether or not it is worth it, and they are all unique enough for me to want to show them off. Great collection!

Fall 2013: Ready-to-Wear

Spring 2013: Ready-to-Wear

Fall 2012: Ready-to-Wear

Spring 2012: Ready-to-Wear

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