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Again, a photographer! Don't blame me for only talking about photographers, LOL, but as a photographer myself, I am personally obsessed with artists who utilize photography as a medium to to express and explore artistic visions. And they definitely inspire me a lot in artistic practices. I would definitely introduce more contemporary artists who has strengths in other visual art practices.

Okay back to the artist. Dane Shitagi is a photographer whose inspirations and artistic perspective is based on New York City! All of his works tend to depict the relationship between the figures and the city, as each of his photograph would have a subtitle stating the place where it is taken, such as brooklyn bridge, central park, coney island, canal street, washington square, astoria queens, or even a nyc taxi. These titles enrich the meaning of the photographs themselves, and let the audience feel how people are connected to this greatest city in the world (sorry being so pretentious I just love this city).

Another distinctive I believe everyone would notice at the first glance is that most of his works are black and white. As we all know New York City is a place full of its own colors, the light of the Empire, the different colors of the subway line, and the iconic yellow taxis. But the photographer chooses to represent the essence of the city without the wrap of color disguise. And certainly highlight the beauties of this city and the gestures of the figures that we normally neglect under the cover of immense colorfulness.

Here is the collection of his art works. Dane Shitagi has many unique photography projects in the city. All the photographs come from his personal website: http://www.daneshitagi.com/

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