Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 8, (02/14)

Today, there are only a few designers left in New York Fashion Week, (although London Fashion Week is starting up already), and today we are talking about the best of the bests: Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren. The three most renown American designers!

Marc Jacobs:
Even though Marc Jacobs always has very chic and fashionable designs, this season's collection come out to be a little bit disappointment. The first look almost set the the tone of the whole collection--a sense of out of nowhere. Several looks in this collections are basically the copies of pajamas. And the use of animal shaped fur scarf is even incompatible to the designs. In look 5, the model walks out with no tops but covering her boobs with her hand! Clearly it is meant to catch people's attention to the design of the gloves, but such look is still a little "trying too hard" for the ready to wear design. And the wigs and make-ups for the models are also not very flattering. I have to say, personally I am not a big fan for March Jacobs' a/w collection.

Calvin Klein Collection:
This collection carries Calvin Klein's consistent chic, clean, and simple style. The sharp V neck design for the dresses are very eye catching but not too much. The consistent design of belt also comes to the highlight to these simple looks. These black and white looks especially emphasize the structure of the clothes. And Calvin Klein's a/w collection clearly put many effort in building the shape of these looks. None of these looks would stands out individually, but as a whole collection, they are very beautiful, stylish, and modern. 

Ralph Lauren:
The Ralph Lauren's design in a/w New York Fashion Week is definitely one of my favorite. The collection carries the elegant England style. Even though the simple color goes through the whole collection, most of the looks have the vintage raffle, pattern, and structure designs in details, such as the shirt of the look1, the pants of the look3. The first several looks are very young and a little bit girly sweet. But the several final gowns are very mature, stunning and luxurious. Also, the navy hat added sense of chic into the elegant vintage style. This collection definitely stands out even under the dark winter color tone. 

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