Dolce & Gabbana - Featured Designer for MILAN Fashion Week A/W 2013

As you may remember, we did a highlight coverage and review for the New York Fashion Week that happened earlier this month. I wanted to do the same thing for the other 3 fashion capitol's fashion week, but I'm not sure if I want to make this place into completely fashion week packed. So I decided to only pick out some shows that are so awesome that it is a sin to not share.

Today, we will visit Dolce & Gabbana at Milan's Fashion Week!

Before we get into the designs, I must say that the presentation of this show is fantastic. The entire show. It was amazing, breathtaking even. The music and the collection and the atmosphere come together perfectly. Even the walk of the models are well coordinated that has layers and dimension. The style of the walk was required also because of how big the collection was, with 76 looks in total. The music started off with a beautiful orchestra piece that creates a peace and eerie tone of the show, and suddenly the tone of the music changed and it has become a bit more satirical and a bit circus like. The highlight was when the band of models walk out of the backstage in their striking red dresses. It is definitely something that anyone interested in art should watch.

Seriously. Click on the video. It is worth it.

To encourage you to read further, I am here to tease you with the glorious accessories D&G offered. The accessories are already this beautiful, are you sure you don't want to look more and check out the collection itself? Trust me, the awesomeness here is only a tiny fraction of how magnificent the collection is. I would read along more if I were you! 
Oh the mighty crown for the beautiful Zuzanna Bijoch
GORGEOUS clutch. Look at those intricate stitch work!
Rose-vine Heels - Adorable and Sexy.

Beautiful sets of cross earrings and
the details to see the bejewled dress.

There are no words to describe this collection D&G created than "WOW". Everything about it is perfect. The collection is on point, stayed on its "thesis", and finished with a strongest argument. Props! The motif is not hard to spot as its the theme of "mosaic"-ing, a artistry that has passed down for many generations. The imagery is inspired from the Sicily's Cathedral of Monreale in Italy and its famous wall arts. Honestly  I don't think I am able to come up with an analysis because it is just so beautiful. Please look below and experience the "wow" factor I just mentioned. Embrace the beauty, get lost in it, and be inspired. There were 76 looks in total during the fashion show, and I selected 27 looks that are the best of the bests, and the coherent-ness of the collection is very evident. 

Right: the band of beautiful models walking down the runway.

What do you think of this collection? The Runway? 
Let us know in the Comment Section below!

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