LOVE: Prabal Gurung for Target

I'm not promoting for Target, I genuinely think this collection is great.

Prabal Gurung is a Nepalese American Fashion Designer. He launched his first fashion show back in February 2009. His style is usually pretty, classy women's wear, but with his modern twist to it. Even though they are a bit more simple, with less prints and patterns, they are intricately constructed that makes his past collection edgy and stand out from the crowd.

So how will it look if Prabal Gurung collaborate with Target? I am assuming that since there is a certain price range for Target, Gurung will have to use more affordable resources than he is used to. How will the collaboration turns out with this limitation?

It turns out to be AWESOME!

Look at these patterns, and prints! The boldness and lightness of these looks are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer! 

My favorite looks are Look 2 for its versatility  Look 5's shorts' fun-ness, Look 7 for its edgy and spunkiness, Look 8 for its edgy femininity, and Look 9 for its sexiness.

The general Price range from around 15 to 35, with occasional items such as leather jacket or blazers that cost more than 40 bucks. In general, a pretty good deal for such a high-fashion, ready-to-wear looks.

Below are the selected looks from the collection. 

This collection will be released on February 10th!! Be Pumped!! It's released limitedly so be prepared to snatch some clothes!!

Love - Collaboration with Target

LOVE - Look 1
LOVE - Look 2
Love - Look 3
LOVE - Look 4
LOVE - Look 5
LOVE - Look 6
LOVE - Look 7

Love - Look 8
LOVE - Look 9


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