Life - Sunday Thrift-shopping!

It is so cold today! It kind of sucks how I don't have more pictures of my thrifting experience. Just too cold to pull out the camera. (it was 30F today, along with the wind.)

My look today is pretty laid back for a lazy Sunday shopping trip. I was wearing a Aztec print knit dress, black tights, Forever21 kicks and bags. Then I top everything with my J-Crew jacket. Just saying, this is not warm enough. 

My look of the day!
Today I went to East Village to thrift and I end up with some scarves, tights, and a bracelet! I got all of these things from Search and Destroy, a very punk, rock type of store. There are some store decoration that really freaked me out, such as the zombie, the hanging mannequin, and separated (limb-by-limb by the way) human form. It was disturbing. Other than that, the selection was massive, with plenty of cool/edgy things that you can pick. The place is a bit grimy  and the style is more on extreme (studs and leather), but they are pretty cool.

Then we went to a couple more shops down 9th street. The stores are nice and cute, but the selection was not big and they are all vintage antiques so unless you have a very specific item/style, it might not be suitable. 

Well, now, let's take a look with my finds!

Net Knit Shirt

Four Scarves

Awesome Thigh Socks

Super excited to put together an outfit especially with the scarves. I don't usually shop for scarves but now that I have them, I can't wait to have fun with them!! Will update with results!

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