Spotlight! Michelle Obama rockin' it during Inauguration!

It was the inauguration yesterday, did anyone catch it? Or did people actually went to DC? Either way, it was an impressive sight. The huge amount of people and crowd that congregated, and the insanely awesome National Anthem Beyonce delivered. It was hella beautiful!

However, even the million-dollar-mega-star cannot over-shine Michelle Obama's fashion sense of the day. Starting off the day with a Thom Browne blueish-gray striped jacket with a J-crew belt. The most creative pop of the entire look is the plum colored leather gloves. I loved it! It was so incredibly cute and young that is really perfect for such an important day.

And just by the way, I love her hair cut!

Photo cred: The Daily News 
Now, we go to the inaugural ball. She stayed with Jason Wu, the designer who designed her inaugural gown in 2009. This red gown is beautiful and Michelle has a perfect frame for it, too. She is tall and fit, that definitely carried the dress in a much more composed manner. The color of the dress complimented well with her skin tone too, and it doesn't eat up her own glow!

Photo cred: Us Weekly
Inaugural Ball 2013

Photo cred: Hello! Daily News
Inaugural Ball 2009
What do you think about the big day yesterday?

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