Looks - A Hot Day in Winter.

So did anyone feel how hot today is? It's even 72 Fahrenheit degrees at one point today. II really appreciated the warm weather cause it has been very cold in New York City lately.

This is my third day into the spring semester, and I finally got the chance to take photos of my looks. This is about 5:30 in the afternoon, and I just came back from an entire day of class, so sorry about my very tired expressions.

I hope you like the look!!

Hot day during Winter Look!
Sheer Shirt: Forever21,  Black Cardigan: Target, Black Jeans: Forever21, Boots: Journeys, Rings: Forever21, Bag: Forever21, Glasses Necklace: A boutique from Taiwan.
Also, I want to take an opportunity to introduce a new writer, and also my very good friend, Effy! She is also the one who took those photos. She is going to be focusing on museum exhibitions, photographies, and other more fine arts related topics. We haven't really developed any specific ideas yet, but so far this is the case.

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