Original - Aurora Inspired Mini-Collection

The complete Aurora Collection
Aurora has always been a phenomenon that amazes me. When I was doing a project in the Pre-college program of Rhode Island School of Design (Aka RISD), I decided to look up some photos of auroras to see if it can inspire me. It did. The way the light shines and curves that create such a beautiful and mystical light. So I decided to create a mini-collection that is inspired by these lights. 
All of the dresses have black as their base color to resemble the dark knight, than the different color chiffon interlace and curves with each other that resembles the lights in the sky. I also play with the sheerness of the fabric and sometimes single layer or double layer to show the different opacity an aurora has. 
I never got the chance to make it until November 2012, when Embodied Magazine graciously accept my designs and set up a fashion shoot for the magazine. Embodied Magazine is a Gallatin based fashion magazine that is just starting up. It hopes to reach the same quality as other fashion magazines, but advocate healthy body image and self love. 

So here are the final product of the photoshoot!!!

Fashion Sketches of the Aurora Collection 

Look 1
Look 2
Look 3

Look 4
Photographer: Alexis Bynum, Make-Up: Caroline Norton, Hair: Alex Chernow
The pictures above are the official photographs that will be included in the magazine. The following are other gorgeous photos taken during the photo shoot.

Model: Alexandra Tebano

Model: Jessie Rodriguez

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