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Today, we will talk about Timo Weiland! The brand itself consist of two designers, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein. They met during a fashion internship. Timo Weiland always lean towards sketching painting, and photography during art. What's very admirable is that he majored in Economics, Spanish Literature  and Business management at Vanderbilt University before pursuing a career in fashion. His design partner, Alan Eckstein, studied the commercial aspect of the industry at Fashion Institute of Technology. 
Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein

They started off in Pre-Fall 2009 with a collection of neckwear that were featured in Gossip Girl. Then they finally started off a full fashion collection in Spring 2010 that includes women and men's wear. 

Timo Weiland's inspiration is New York City. The people, the architecture, the atmosphere, the urban-ness. The design is well tailored, but has a modern twist to it. What separates them from the other brands is, according to Timo Weiland himself,  "All of the little details. We're not trying to be a watered-down Ralph Lauren. We focus on tailoring, and we have a modern twist."  The conservative cut out along with the creative prints is the perfect combination for working women that doesn't want to blend in to the crowd. 

In this upcoming season, the Pre-Fall 2013, Timo Weiland consists a lot of pattern and print that reminds me of nature and organic elements. The collection is coherent throughout due to the similar patterns and the similar silhouette. there are a couple silhouettes patterns this season for Timo Weiland. I especially like the second and sixth look of this collection because of how wearable it is. The general color scheme is deep forest green, turquoise  plum, tan, and black. There is also a hint of leopard print to spice up the collection (Look 8)!

For some people that doesn't think pattern is their thing, he also provides looks such as Look 1 that has very subtle patterns and very interesting construction (such as the skirt) to create the certain edginess. 

Pre-Fall 2013 - Look 1

Pre-Fall 2013 - Look 2
Pre-Fall 2013 - Look 3
Pre-Fall 2013 - Look 4
Pre-Fall 2013 - Look 5
Pre-Fall 2013 - Look 6
Pre-Fall 2013 - Look 7
Pre-Fall 2013 - Look 8
So what do YOU think about Timo Weiland?

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