Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2013: Feathery, Lacey, Flowery

Couture fashion: Outrageous, mysterious, and... weird! But a good type of weird, the type you would think that you are in a dreamland where humans have beaks and rabbits are our evil overlords. The world is upside down and trust me, it's a good thing. 

Check out the feathers on these girls!
Chanel's Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection happened yesterday in Paris, and it was exactly on par with what I was saying. The vibe of the show reminded me a bit of Tim Burton and these looks may be perfect for his future films that features a crazy bird woman who likes to stick feathers in her head. Who knows?

So who is the crazy mastermind behind this collection?

Karl Lagerfeld, the designer of this collection, arranged real trees into the show. His inspiration was something unworldly and romantic. The tone of the show slowly went from white vintage woven jacket, to a darker ensemble, then outrageous patterns and prints, and lastly 4 white, long gowns.

I have mix feelings for this collection.  I was enthusiastic with the first look of the collection. The white jackets were so beautiful. The white and black showed the ghostly romantic aura of the collection and I really loved it. The design of the runway compliments the collection perfectly, which reminds me of Giselle (the ballet show). The foresty background and the white dresses on the models juxtapose to Giselle and all of the brokenhearted girls dancing in the forest when they're awakened by the night.

Couture Spring 2013 - Look 1

Couture Spring 2013 - Look 2
Couture Spring 2013 - Look 3
(I secretly rejoiced that Karl had this Asian model, they are such rare species nowadays - Xiao Wen Ju, IMG)

but as I go through the runway photos, My love slowly diminished. I really didn't like the pattern and prints part of the show. They look like those frumpy and unappealing wallpapers on old town houses. I felt like as if the young girls that danced around the forest in Giselle suddenly turned into middle aged women who are trying to sweep the floor or something. Generally, the show was not coherent. 

Granted, the way they were created was very elaborate and detailed work (embroidered looks), but the result was just not flattering.

Below are some of the examples I am giving for the old lady part.

Couture Spring 2013 - Look 4

Couture Spring 2013 - Look 5
(I mean, I understand its Haute Coutre, but seriously? that jacket is like what you wear to go hiking, but pink)
Couture Spring 2013 - Look 6
However, the finale really redeemed itself, with the four stunning, fantastical, beautifully loony white gowns. 

Couture Spring 2013 - Look 7
Couture - Look 8
(This is what the twins in Shinning will look like when they grow up right?)
The last look may be Karl's opinion and voice towards same sex marriage. I mean, how can you say that two angelic looking girls standing side by side is "disgusting" and "evil"? Why is same sex marriage such a bad thing? (But this is another topic).

Karl Lagerfeld Everybody!

So what do you think about the Chanel Couture Spring 2013?

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