Look - Back To College - Day 1

College is about to start! Has everyone start to plan out their looks yet? For my first day back to school, I want to go with something subtle and professional because I want to dress nicely but not too crazy since I"m not sure what to expect from my professors yet.

I'm going to first start off with a black sheer blouse paring with my favorite fitted snake print jeans, topping it all with a gray blazer jacket. I will be wearing a black ankle bootie and black accessories/make up. I'll be wearing my black peacoat that will keep me warm since it'll be cold.

It's a look that is hard to go wrong with since it is so safe, but it will give the professors a good impression and I can start the semester off with a professional attitude.

Back To School - Day 1

Forever 21 sheer top

Fitted jacket
$32 - newlook.com

Vintage boots
$41 - spylovebuy.com

Forever 21

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