Looks - Cold.... Just So Cold

It was 31 Fahrenheit this afternoon. It was so cold. What was worse is the wind.

To prepare for an upcoming shoot for Embodied Magazine, I had to go to a local thriftique - AuH2O to gather enough garments to be featured in the shoot.

AuH2O is owned by a NYU Gallatin Alumnus, Kate Goldwater. The title of the store is a smart play of her last name. Au = Gold, H2O = Water. The selection of clothes in the store is great. They are mostly vintage, and there were some very cute knit sweaters there. What is even cuter are the accessories they carry. It is a thriftique that definitely worth the visit.

I decided to buy a purple knit sweater and have a mini photo shoot. The owl necklace is also new. :)

Not Born to be a model, but apparently I can pull it off.
Jeans = PacSun

Purple Sweater = AuH2O
Owl Necklace = AuH2O
Ring = Forever21

Purse = AuH2O

Bootie = Zara

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