Experience - Alexander Wang's A/W 2013 Show

Alexander Wang's A/W2013 fashion show was yesterday! It was an amazing show, the furry coats, the texture, and the sleek/chic looks was quite a sensation! I especially love the armor looking fuzzy hat thing. The whole show was predominately black/white/gray (very Alexander Wang), but what was great was the pop in the long ponytail of all of his models.

The music was awesome too! I especially love the opening. Eye of the Tiger? Badass!

Watch the Runway Show Here! Seriously, it is worth it.

I took some runway photos myself, They are obvisouly not as detailed nor good compared to the video, but I tried, and I just want to share my experience. I was merely a standing guest (because I'm not buyer :P) My spot was very close where the models walk out, so the very beginning and the end of the stretch.

Anyways, enjoy!

Excuse the creepy smile and the super paleness. The place is so dark and the flash is too intense.

The venue was beautiful. The ceiling has such beautiful drawings and the framing of the door has such beautiful designs. Absolutely stunning.

Alexander Wang himself! I was like, two-arms-length away from him! Oh my god!

This is his runway "walk"!

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