Prabal Gurung - Featured Designer of New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 02/09

Prabal Gurung

He is probably one of my favorite designers now. After seeing his work from last season, and the limited collection for target LOVE, Prabal Gurung has set new ground with his military inspired Ready-to-wear collection this season. Using his own fashionable ways, he expressed his feeling toward's women in combat, and his own troop of women warriors trumped the runway. Stunning Collection.

Highlights include the segmented boots, long gown for the last look, the jacket for look1, and the shoulder belt embellishments for look 10. Prabal managed to create the perfect balance between femininity and toughness with his fabric choice and the accessories. Whenever there is a very feminine look, there will be a leather or something to "buff" it up a bit.

To read about the other designers on this day (February 9th).

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