Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 6, (02/12)

Let's just dive in since we are already behind, shall we? Fortunately, there are only four designers I will be introducing here: Badgley Mischka, Diesel Black Gold, J. Crew, and Patrik Ervell. 

Badgley Mischka: The starting look of the show foreshadows the end of the show. The tone in the middle of th show is kind of jumping all over the place. Going from a classical long dress, sequin dress, wrap skirts,  to a suit. There are nine long gowns that are quite beautiful (though very out of place at the same time), and finally it ends with the look that is similar than the first: Aztec/Egyptian influenced long dresses. Look 19 is so beautiful. I love the two wings that covers the bust area.

Diesel Black Gold: Studs and zippers on leather seems to be the ultimate look of Diesel Black Gold this season. Honestly? The collection looks awesome. There are so many pieces I actually would love to buy. I could make a specific fashion shoot base off of it. Obviously, the contents aren't anything extremely new, but the way he made them is not hard to miss. I already made a huge imaginary shopping list for the collection, and hopefully one day I would be able to afford at least one of those studded jeans!

J. Crew: Inspired by Marrakech, a northwest African nation of Morocco, there are a lot of unique prints that Tom Mora launched. Personally I don't know much about Marrakech cultures, but there are a lot of intricate prints and curves involved. Do feel free to look up some links about Marrakech. I found  a Conde Nast Travel online article about Marrakech, and I can definitely see the influences it has on Tom's designs. Usually J. Crew tends to be on the safe side with its typical formula-ed clothes (pea-coat, button down, silk scarves, the all American preppy stuff). However, this collection, there are some inspirational moments that changed my opinion with them. Almost every look is my favorite look, and I would wear all of them  at any occasion. My absolute favorite would be Look 3 and look 10. Look 3 is so wearable, professional, and chic, that will be a perfect interview attire. The bold print on Look 10 is great for standing out in a party, interview, school, or even just chilling in the park reading a book. Clap Clap for Tom Mora!

Patrik Ervell: He is known to make men clothing's, so the women's line he presented is a bit smaller in scale than most of other's collection. However, that doesn't mean it fall short. I love that uniform color theme throughout the collection. The Cypress Green color is the common them that blends well with the tree background. The cuts of the looks are fairly simple but very well crafted. The prints are stunning in look 2, 5, and 6. The highlight of the collection would be look 5, with the printed blazer and printed shirt and pants along with the shoes. It's great for school, work, almost anything. 

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