Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 7, (02/13)

For Day 7, I will be introducing nine designers today. The designers that are featured today is: Anna Sui, Bibhu Mohapatra, Honor, J. Mendel, Marchesa, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Proenza Schouler, Reed Krakoff

Anna Sui: The collection progresses pretty coherently as the collection goes on. The color gradates slowly, and none of the looks stray from the general theme of the show. Her inspiration is actually a big help for this coherent factor of her collection. She was inspired by the monochromatic sense of Godard's One Plus One. (A film made based on Rolling Stone's recording session.) Although the collection isn't "monochromatic" per-say, but the same shade of prints unite the collection very well. Anna Sui's clothes has a very special quality: It would be perfect on both middle aged women or youngsters, and it really depends on how one assemble them together. For example, look 2's pants can be "matured-up" by wearing a knit white shirt with a black cardigan, or it could be "younged-down" with another crazy printed tank, with insane pumps. It really depends on how you put them together.

Bibhu Mohapatra: His inspiration is 1930s eccentric fashion with a modern twist to it. I see it. The long gown with off shoulder look? check, Long gowns that look like its a two piece? Check, Suit with skirt and a little corset thing on the waist? check. Overall, when the looks stick to the original idea, they turn out to be pretty damn good. However, when he strays (in the middle of the show), they turn out to be a bit iffy. Also, what is with the black woven basket hats? A bit confused with that. Though it does fit into the general theme of "grids". Look 2 and 4 are my faovrite looks. I just cannot get over these yellow! They are a great middle ground for liveliness and fall/winter-yness. 
Honor: Puzzle pieces is what I thought about when I first saw the collection, than I saw half of a heart as the wedges of these puzzle pieces. An adorable motif "I didn't feel like doing a heavy Fall collection, and wanted more of a pick-me-up. So this season began with the idea of a celebratory coat that would make me smile even on the darkest day in winter," said Giovanna Randall (Source: Style.com). And the heart motifs certainly did it well. The clothes are cute and feminine, and they are can get anyone in a better mood with such sweet designs and endearing colors. the little sprinkle of color dots on look 5, the bright pink in look 1 and 2. The collection is coherent and light-hearted. Definitely a great pick-me-up collection one can consider when they want to make a gloomy winter a bit brighter.
J. Mendel: Gilles Mendel is suppose to be big with furs, but I want to focus on the other things he did well in this collection (other than the fur materials, we know he can rock those). Ok, I guess we can talk a little about his greatness in furs: look 1 and 3 are both by furry minks. At first glance, it is difficult to tell that these coats are made of fur because of its lacking fur-like furriness, but that is what make them successful. The rest of the collection presented aren't made by fur, but they are also great without Mendel's comfortable medium. 
Marchesa: The collection is inspired by 18th Century Romanticism, with the royal and solid color along with the special embroideries. The collections has many high and lows. What I displayed here are mainly the highs (because I admire the style of this genre.) There are many layering and ruffles in the looks, and there are also some gorgeous corsets. Obviously, there are some layering that may make the model's body a bit thicker than they actually are, and then there are corset that are just ugly, but the general result is pretty good. However, the design are generally pretty runway exclusive. It is hard to wear any of these looks out in the street. 
Michael Kors: There are four colors involved in this collection: black, orange, blue, and yellow. The signature colors for the system helps ground the collection. The show opened with a male and female model walking together, with semi-matching blue-black suits, it was pretty strong as an opening. My favorite color would be the royal blue, and my favorite look would be the last here. The style is very "American", simple, light, and on the more casual side.

Nanette Lepore: Her inspiration is the images sent back to earth from Mars. She used the imagery of Mars and lava on earth to create this line. Frankly, I didn't know that's the intention until she explained her inspiration. The collection has some pretty cool moments, but other than those eye-popping moments, the rest is pretty ordinary. Look 4 and 6 are one of those eye-catching moments, with prints that she designed herself. These prints are absolutely gorgeous,  and the contrast between the colors create a good energy within each look. 
Proenza Schouler: Unlike any of the past season they had, this season the color and form is a lot less vibrant and colorful. What last season have for crazy colors and collages, this season are the lightest subtle pink and mint. I personally love look 5's top, while the rest is a bit more on the mature side for me. 

Reed Krakoff: The tailoring of this collection is impeccable, and the shapes of the looks are a lot more simpler than they use to be. There are multiple highlights in this collection such as the images I display, but the most interesting would be look 6, a denim color snake print , but cleverly leave a corner white with a zipper as embellishment is brilliant. Beautiful Collection!

Enjoy Day 7!
Photosource: Style.com

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