Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 2, (02/08)

Design by Rachel
There are a lot more designers today so I will be very brief. Please do make sure to check out the eight other designers that is covered here such as Jason Wu, Rebecca Minkoff, Rag+Bone, and Yigal Azrouel!

Cushnie et Ochs: Interesting cuts, a more toned down color, great geometric shapes. Look 10,11, and 12 are the most interesting. Look 3 is also quite interesting, but I am not a big fan of the color. The contrast of color tones between Look 2 and Look 3 is so drastic that is not as coherent as it could have been.

Jason Wu: Very sophisticated designs. The colors goes from black, white, silver, to bright red, royal blue, and then back to black-and-white. They are very feminine, and is very wearable. Personally, I would definitely get Look 3 for an every day look. Frankly, it is a dress that would look great in both summer and winter. Look 9 would be great a cocktail party, and the bright red with the cropped out side would be perfect to show off those sexy curve of yours. Look 10 is quite young-looking with the red panel in the middle that would be great for almost any occasion. Pair it with a pair of geek glasses, and it'll be great for class, pair it with some simple heels along with a blazer, it would be great for an office setting. The dress alone stands out from the crowd during the party. It'll definitely be one of the must-gets. 

Katie Gallagher: Oh-so-black and a hint of Navy. And I love it! The belt in Look 3, the shirt that extends to the leg in Look 4, the hoodie jacket for Look 6, and the dress from Look 9 are all necessary items for the upcoming Autumn/Winter.The top of Look 12 seems a bit sloppy though, and a bit lazy, which I'm not impressed, and the swimming suit look in Look 1 could've been better crafted. 

Lyn Devon: Adorable vintage look. There are several prints that basically define the collection. One is a colorful-flower-print that bring the collection together is bright, vibrant, and small. The other is a blend of gold, black, and white flower-print that is slightly bigger. I like the flower print more because it looks younger and more livelier.

Rag & Bone: Beautiful Coats. So many beautiful, badass coats. Look 9's jacket is a killer! The upper lapel of the jacket is orange is a pop that I'm sure would be a colorful pop during a cold storm in the winter. The designer also played with the different patches of solid color that was assembled together, which may be a new era of color-blocking, who knows?

Rebecca Minkoff: Casual, light, and feminine. Many colors are used here, and the collection seems to be split into two different categories. Look 1~4 is the feminine lady going to work looks, and the other half (such as Look 6, 8,9) are the hipster geometric-color-shaped sweater looks. Both are stylish, but I prefer the second style more. I mean, the feminine looks look just as great, but it is great to see some more urban styles gracing the runway. Props!

Sally LaPointe: Dark, Dramatic, Splendid. Words to describe LaPointe's collection. My favorite looks are Look 3 and 6's sweater and Look 11's dress, For the sweaters, the colors are symmetrical and kind of resembles the internal bone structure of a human or very fuzzy (the red sweater looks so warm!) The texture of the dress in look 11 is so unique that is ingenious. The texture reminds me of ravens, or the evil queen in "Snow White and the Huntsman" (The Film). 

Tess Giberson: Casual and Warm. I really want to like this collection, and I do like some individual pieces, but Tess Giberson needs a different styling technique, because some of the looks are just not working out for me. For example, Look 1 is a beautiful dress on its own, and the scarf is beautiful on its own too. I am pretty sure it applies to the pants as well. However, with all three of these elements thrown together, it just was not cute and all of the elements are crowding each other. The dress on Look 4 and 7 are just not appealing. They look like left over fabrics wrapped around the model without further thoughts. Props to the blazer in Look 6. Stylish, Detailed, and Snazzy. 
Yigal Azrouel: I like the outfits that are predominantly black. However, some of the color looks are just not up to par. Look 12's sweater looks like it is straight out of a garage sale. (I mean, I understand the trend of big sweaters with corny patterns, but this is just a bit too corny.) Look 6 looks awesome, with the big flap for the sleeves, and the zipper details. Having said that, my favorite looks are the last 3 dresses. I love how the hem of the skirt connects to the upper bust area. I love the little leather/shiny strap at the neck area for Look 16. I love the skirt turning into leg detail in Look 17, and the simple elegance of Look 18 just cannot be beaten. Overall, a strong finish for the runway!

Source: Style.com

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