Embodied Vol. 1 - WINTERISH SPRING

These are the photos featured in Embodied Magazine, the NYU Gallatin based fashion magazine! It is our first issue and it will definitely continue to mature. One can pick up a copy in the common area of the Gallatin building on Washington Place, across from the NYU Bookstore. 

All of the photos below are featured in the actual magazine, if you like what you see here, please go check out the actual magazine and support us next year! 

There are also more detailed products shot that you can view! There are some minor details that not all pictures will be able to cover, so here is to help :) Check it out! They are awesome.

Look 1
The red long coat add richness and flair to the sweet, innocent dress. 

Look 2
Coat for warmth, and the rest for style. Adding a hat is always a perfect eye catcher. 
Golden ring, AuH2O, $5. Golden Pearl Bracelet, AuH2O, $15. 

Look 3
For a distinctive look in New York, go with clashing prints. Just make sure the colors are on the same corner of the colorwheel! 

Look 4
Floral dress with a knit cardigan, a classic look that will never get old. 
Belt, AuH2O, $16. Gold Butterfly Neck- lace, Spencer Morgan for HerhattanNYC, $43. Katy Handpiece, Sarah Swift for Her- hattanNYC, $249. Purse, AuH2O, $10. 

Look 5
A warm sweater and a cute skirt says a bouncy spring. 
Bitten Black wedges, Lanvy Nguy- en for HerhattanNYC, $413. Owl Necklace, AuH2O, $15. Tapered Cuff, Judith Haas for Her- hattnNYC, $189. Gold Mod Ball ring, Karen Ko for Herhat- tanNYC, 147. 

Look 6
A little black dress with an acid wash denim jacket, perfect to look chic and stylish. Add a necklace to spice it up! 
Necklace, AuH2O, $10. 

Look 7 & 8
Different Stud and lace, Leather and knit. Different textures to create a fresh look. 
LEFT: Black Mod Ball ring, Karen Ko for HerhattanNYC, $98. Julie Bracelet, Sarah Swift for HerhattanNYC, $208. Julie Brace-
let, Sarah Swift for HerhattanNYC, $208. 

RIGHT: Swal- low Scarf, wickett Ophelia for Herhat- tanNYC, $143. Gold Avant rock spike Bracelet, Karen Ko for HerhattanNYC, $28. Gold Mod Ball Spike earrings i, Karen Ko for HerHattanNYC.com, $66.

Look 8

Look 9
Cute dress with cardigan, it cannot get even more springy than this. 
Belt, AuH2O, $15. 

Look 10
Black and White = Right. 
Soft white Chiffon Swing Top, wickett Ophelia for HerhattanNYC, $176. itten Black wedges, Lanvy Nguyen for Her- hattanNYC, $413. Gold Avant rock Spike Stud Necklace, Karen Ko for HerhattanNYC, $66. 

Look 11
A sexy look with Aztec prints. 
Silver Mod Ball ring, Karen Ko for Her- hattanNYC, $119. 

Look 12
On slightly warmer days, wear a cute dress with a bright colored wooden heels to brighten the day. 
Dress, AuH2O, $17. Belt, AuH2O, $16. Apatite skinny cuff, Judith Haas 

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