TOP 5|10 - New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 RUNWAY MOMENTS

Now that New York Fashion Week is two weeks behind us, I want to slowly roll out some general opinions and analysis for the season. So I will be starting a new thing called "Top 5|10". Basically they are the top 5 or 10 *insert category* and give me my reasons why I think so. Today, we will be focused on runway moments.

Of course the designs of a collection is the main point of a fashion show, but it doesn't hurt to have a fantastic presentation. The show aspect of it is just as important as the designs itself. It sets the tone and forms the atmosphere. Today, we will be presenting the top 5 runway shows that we think is worthy of the time to view it. (trust me, they are AWESOME.) Betsey Johnson, Prabal Gurung, Thom Browne, Alexander Wang, and Tess Giberson has the five shows that I think are memorable and it definitely helped them to enhance their collection even further.

Betsey Johnson: Oh awesome show. There is no doubt about it. The models look like they are having so much fun, and in the end when Betsey Johnson started to work out with her models were quite a scene. Although the runway seems a bit messy because its crowded and the models weren't in sync, but the idea of it is great. The fashion industry has become so serious lately it is nice to see someone take themselves less seriously.

Prabal GurungAs I mentioned in the earlier post, the inspiration for this collection is "women in combat". So naturally all of the walks here are powerful, assertive, and downright badass. I especially love the music and how the models matches their walk to the rhythm. The ending is spectacular  looking like a troop of women soldiers marching down the slope into place. They are in sync and disciplined. The set is great, very spacial and the slope along with the partly transparent background creates this very clean elegance of the runway.

Thom Browne: Drama, acting, and roses. There are no other way to describe this fashion show other than bizarre and striking. I thought that the concept is great, and I love how all of the models are holding roses. Great show, gotta watch it.

Alexander Wang: The atmosphere is great. It is hard to tell in the video, but the space that held the show was gorgeous. I ABSOLUTELY love the music. I mean, Eye of Tiger? That is just a winner start to begin with. The very simplistic runway coincide with the collection naturally and creates this simply beautiful show.

Tess Giberson: Another quite bizarre show. I couldn't find any original video other than this one that is posted on their website. From how it seems, the music in the video are not the ones used on the runway and the model are playing these instruments in their hand. I just love how they presented each pieces, having each model walk out around the room and stand up to the wooden stage. Great runway route.

What are your favorite shows? Comment below to let us know!

All video belongs to the appropriate owner.Thank them for such a fantastic show.

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