Jeremy Scott - Featured Designer of New York Fashion Week A/W 2013 02/13

Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott has always been the designer with crazy prints and extremely creative graphics, using cartoon characters (like the Simpson or Mickey Mouse) to spice up his collection. Today the carton character that starred his show is a green monster. I see it as the incredible hulk.

All of Jeremy Scott's garments are extremely wearable, and presumably comfortable because of the material he uses, cotton jersey and knit wear. However, that is to say if one has the guts to wear it. I mean, the last look with all of the fur is quite insane. Some pieces that are a bit more modest are look 2, look 5, 9,12, 13,14. However, with his stuff, I always felt that getting the crazier looks are better since it is what Jeremy Scott is all about.

To read about the other designers on the day (February 13th).

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