Highlight New York Fashion Week 2013 Day 5, (02/11)

There are so many wonderful designers today that there is so little space for so many things. So I tried to only pick out 6 looks that best represent the designers collection's color, tone, style, and garment-shapes.

The designers we will be talking about today includes 3.1 Philip Lim, Alice + Olivia, Belstaf, Betsey Johnson, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ohne Titel, Reem Acra, Theysken's Theory, and Thom Browne (The man who designed Michelle Obama's Inauguration 2013 look!

3.1 Phillip Lim: No need to point it out, but the collection is very urban based. The color tone of the collection gradate from bright paste pinkl, into a bit more monochromatic white and dark purple, and end with a couple of fun patched pants. The way he plays with the lapel of jackets and skirt is ingenious. It creates an edge with all of these stiff lapel protruding outwards. The highlight for this collection would be look 1 and look 3. I love how all of the colors goes together for look 1 and the way the lapel of the vest curves looks awesome for look 3. I love the patched jeans in look 5 an 6 as well, though I am not a huge fan of those furry purses. 

Alice + Olivia: Love the chic vintage-ness in this collection. The setting for the shoot is also perfect, with the printed background and wooden floor. They are all classic American sweetheart look, but adding elements, such as leather, fur, or lace, to spice it up. My personal favorite is look 5. The additional satin layer of the skirt part is so a pop and an innovative addition as it contrasts with the top. The long gown of look 6 is innocent, sexy, and classy all at the same time. I think its because of the head dress and how the dress falls on the model. This collection is perfect for students (especially look 1 and 3) and some of the outerwear is perfect for office folks.

Belstaff: I didn't think this collection was special particularly, but then I noticed the hints of leather here and there of the collection, then the sequence dress (look 5), they are all perfect basics for the fall/winter season. The jacket in look 1 is modest and stylish. It would be a must have coat for any fashionista out there, so is the coat in look 2. My favorite look is look 4, the leather sleeves is a pop in the whole look, and the darker red color is definitely a essential color for the season.

Betsey Johnson: All of the models walk onto the runway pretending to be talking on their phone, portraying the designer's intention to make it a street wear. HOwever, Betsey Johnson styled street wear isn't to be subtle or chic, but to stand out and shout "hello! megastar coming through!" I've always have a certain admiration for designers who uses bold colors and non-conventional cuts. This collection's brightness definitely stands out from the black, white, and brown crowd that most of the designers so far presented. Props! The 1st look stands out the most to me. The bright, McDonald yellow jacket, shorts and tights are so eye catching that the show opened with a strong statement. The light blue kicks is badass, a great contrast to all that yellow. I  like the dots in look 4, but I'm concerned on how most people can pull it off? I mean, it is a challenge to pull off multicolor dots with a pink vest. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs: The collection is definitely wearable, and it is perfect to almost any occasion. From the commercial point of view, this is the best collection out of the entire day. That being said, it's not too special, and its very safe. many dresses with desaturated and non-bold colors. the looks are all perfect for fall and winter. Most of the color ways presented are in the collage below. The cuts vary little from each color groups. Do check out the entire collection though! They are perfect essentials if you want to look classy.

Ohne Titel: blocky, griddy, line, lines! Clean cut and chic. This is a great collection, personally. The prints aren't too crazy, but they are enough to make one stand out from the crowd. Unlike other grid-like patterns in other collection, the lines and patterns are very clear and simple. All of the looks I put into this collage are my favorite. It is hard to pick one in particularly, but if I have to choose, I would go with look 2. The color would fit well on me, and they are things I wouldn't normally wear. The other looks are all beautiful too. The orange dress is so simple and cute that is perfect for maybe going to a business meeting or walking the dog! The dress in look 4 is cute for a cocktail party.

Reem Acra
The oh-so-glamorous collection by Acra is inspired by her trip to Japan. The embroideries are inspired by the traditional Japanese intricate embroideries.  The collection is primarily black and red, and elements that continuously show up is fishnet. She was able to make fishnet look sexy, which is an incredible feat considering how it tends to go on a more slutty route. The pop of fur and leather is also a common feature. though it is not demonstrated in the collages (I thought the fur and leather looks in general aren't strong enough.) My favorite look is look 1 and look 6 (the finale!) The embroideries are absolutely beautiful, and the fishnet that was implemented on the last dress makes it look glamorous (instead of slutty). Gorgeous collection overall!

Theyskens' Theory: The inspiration of Theyskens is "Futurisim". and the goal is to make it comfy enough to wear overnight in a space ship. However, the result sort of fall short to what he described. Although there are some dresses with quite interesting constructions and shiny fabrics, the rest were pretty basic. One special thing though, is how the fabrics bounces about at the back, as if its floating. Other than that, its a pretty mediocre show.

Thom Browne: The show is inspired by roses, there is no doubt about it. The combination of the very wide and tall shoulders of the jackets and the 50s skirts created a badass yet vintage look. Thom Browne is famous for making suits, and the huge block look is a very empowering imagery. It was a very dramatic show, and there are both high and low moments. The collage below are generally high moments, and the most highlight for me is look 3 and 6. As memorable the show is, there are several resemblance to Tim Burton that may (or may not) be a good thing. At one point, I thought I am watching the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland! Anyways, the shoes and tights worn in the show is kind of wacky and adorable at the same time that ties the show together. I love how all of them are holding roses too! That must've been a lot of flowers.

Anyways, Enjoy the Show!

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