Looks - Gussy up for New York Fashion Week 2013!

Today, I was invited to a very special event: Alexander Wang and Robert Geller's runway show. They presented the autumn/winter 2013. So one will have to dress fashionably to attend such an important event. So? This is what I came up with, I decided to go with simple and sweet. I wore a pair of tights and a short blue tribal print skirt from Forever21, with a half sheer black shirt (also from Forever21) and a grey cardigan. Lastly, I complete the look by wearing these awesome black-golden heels, a Zara coat, and carried a black-and-white hand bag. It turns out to be a very chic look.

Even though today is the aftermath of Nemo the blizzard and it is really cold outside but I still sucked up the coldness and dressed professionally. It was very beautiful out in Washington Square Park because it was covered in white snow. Walking in the slushes, however, was a pain in the butt. What us girls will do for fashion.

The show itself was a great experience, which I will elaborate more later!

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  1. Dang! Looking good, Rach~

    Esp those heels from Forever, totally matches perfectly to the grungy look and roughness to it. Me gusta mucho! (: