Exhibitionary - Hendrik Kerstens Photography

This is Hendrik Kerstens's photography exhibit currently in Danziger Gallery. All the images in this collection are photographs of his own daughter. They are all large scale prints that imitates the style of oil paintings. And those photographs are very appealing in a weird way. He uses some unexpected props on his daughter and create some interesting visual effects.

The way he plays with this photography media is very interesting. For example, in photo on the left side, he puts a pile of napkins on her neck that seems like a "bonnet". 

In this photograph, he just puts a plastic bag on her head which looks like a giant medieval hat.

By printing in a particular style, he softens the skin tone and creates very beautiful portraits. I really like the style he makes of these portraits. I especially like the fact that they are very Renaissance portraits looking as the figure is posed in a certain way and is lifted out of the context to be put in a complete monochrome background. But at the same time they all have very novel and creative sides.

Anyway, one more photo of the beautiful sunny chelsea!

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